Spanish lessons for kids in Edinburgh

The best way for your children to learn Spanish in childhood

Bee a bilingual baby!

   During the first three years of life, your child is a linguistic genius.

Throughout this time, your baby’s brain is prewired to learn language at a rate of knots – absorbing and assimilating the sounds and language models they hear in their environment.

Never again in life will a person acquire so many language skills in such a short space of time.

And the earlier your baby starts, the better.

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Make a beeline for Spanish!

   In our Bee Spanish Sessions, your baby or toddler will join other young children in learning Spanish naturally, in a fun and relaxed environment.
Through movement, music and interactive activities, your child ,will start to master the Spanish language skills that will give them a head start in life.

  • Our immersive techniques make learning Spanish fun

  • Parents participate – so your child stays relaxed and open to learning

  • Group sessions stimulate your child’s social skills

  • Sessions are run by qualified teachers and educational psychologists

  • We’re all native Spanish speakers, and love to share our culture!

We can’t wait to welcome you and our child to our Bee Spanish Sessions.

The importance of being bilingual

  • Bilingual children benefit from extra credits at college and university

  • Bilingual people enjoy better job opportunities

  • Bilingualism encourages people to think globally

  • Bilinguals have increased mental flexibility, creativity and multitasking abilities

  • Bilingual children gain a real-time window into the world of people from other countries and cultures, helping to reduce racism, xenophobia and intolerance

  • Being bilingual has certain cognitive benefits and boosts brain performance, particularly in one of the most important areas of brain function known as the ‘executive control system’