About us

   BeeSpanish was created by Josefina Bustamante and Cristina Giavedoni, a Spanish teacher and educational psychologist from Argentina. As Edinburgh residents they both ran private Spanish classes for adults, which over time shifted from local coffee shops and into the home.

Since many of their students had children, the new domestic context for classes created a space for the participation of the entire family in Spanish language learning. In this way, Josefina and Cristina developed inclusive workshops which became increasingly complex over time, incorporating music and interactive games.

BeeSpanish | Edinburgh Spanish classes for kids / children’s

Josefina Bustamante

Co-Founder / Spanish Tutor

Josefina Bustamante | Bee Team
  • Age: 35 years old

  • Degree: Spanish Tutor

  • Instituto Mallea

  • Argentina – Buenos Aires

   I graduated in Spanish Teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was born and lived before coming to Scotland, and have been teaching Spanish on a freelance basis for the past five years. Before settling in Edinburgh I taught Spanish as a Foreign Language in Buenos Aires, to expat students as individuals and groups, to children and to adults.

Using the experience I acquired, I developed a teaching approach that combined music and entertainment – creating a hands-on, interactive Spanish learning programme for toddlers. And I absolutely love teaching!

I really enjoy interacting with children and I feel very fortunate to be able to combine my professional training and natural disposition to teach my students effectively.

Anibal Ravani

Teacher / Educational Psychologist

  • Age: 32 years old

  • Degree: BSc in Psychology and a PCert as a Psychologist.

  • University of Artes y Ciencias Sociales ARCIS.

  • Santiago, Chile.

Graduated as a psychologist in 2011, I have been working since then as counselling psychologist and educational psychologist for a primary school as well as for senior levels.

Alongside my university studies, I trained as a musician. I currently perform regularly throughout Edinburgh and Glasgow (Full stop afterwards).

I’m currently part of the Bee Spanish team, applying my background as an Educational Psychologist and music tutor.

I am convinced that music enhances children’s development – it’s an extraordinary way to bond with your child and explore different ways of teaching and learning together.