Family & Me
   My family and me is an early stimulation programme that offers a Spanish language immersion through songs, games and physical activities for families with young children from birth to 6 years old.

As a parent, you can also learn or improve your Spanish language skills at the same time.

Each session is designed by a Spanish native tutor and an Educational psychologist.


  • Songs and music to help with language learning and retention

  • Puppet shows that entertain and reinforce main sesson theme

  • Our methodology includes techniques  from music therapies

  • Plenty of movement and activities to keep kids engaged

3 levels programme Beginner – Intermediate- Advance .
(1 hour session – break with snacks and coffee)

One to One sessions

For adults & children

   In our one to one session programme you can decide exactly what you want to learn. Sessions can cover General Spanish for example extra Pronunciation and Speaking practice, but also specific work-related topics like preparing for a specific meeting / exam

This type of tuition is particularly where students have very particular needs or when participants wish to learn very intensively.

Nurseries and After school clubs

Would you like to be a bilingual nursery/school?

   This could be added as a standard service within your educational curriculum, enlisting your nursery in the selected group of bilingual establishments in Edinburgh or alternatively this could be an extra- curricular activity, being offered to those parents interested in exposing their children to a foreign language.

A – Music sessions

In our music Bee Spanish sessions, your children will learn Spanish through music, movements, some puppets shows and storytelling.

Bee Spanish is passionate about music education.

In grammar, children’s minds must sort the sounds they hear into words, phrases and sentences and the rhythm of speech helps them to do so. In music, rhythmic sequences give structure to musical phrases and help listeners figure out how to move to the beat.

Spanish music lessons

B – Academic sessions

In our Academic Bee Spanish sessions, your children will naturally learn to associate words with objects, and try to reproduce the sounds being used as well as copy the structures involved. Learning a language in this way works wonders for your children’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

At the same time they will develop fine and gross motor skills, learning math concepts, social awareness, language and literacy in Spanish, Games, arts and crafts, story time as well as music and movement are part of our daily activities

Also homework for their families as we consider that interacting at home will reinforce their learning experience – playing, reading and talking to your baby at home is the best way to stimulate their learning!

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Bee green Programme

   We believe that environmental education should start at an early age; therefore, raising consciousness of the young generation and teaching them how to take care of our planet is essential. With our Bee-green programme we motivate children to reduce-reuse-recycle on a daily basis.

Special events

  • Storytelling festival Edinburgh

  • Book festival Edinburgh

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